Regarding the Virtual Store

In the virtual store, you can browse the special exhibition-related goods in a virtual area. In addition, you can enjoy introductory videos for the exhibitions and goods.
If you find a product you like, you can purchase it on the EC site.

Points of Caution
for the Virtual Store

・Please note that the content of the virtual store may change without prior notice.
・You cannot purchase goods through the virtual store. Please use the related EC site.
・Please read the points of caution for both the virtual store and the EC site before using them.
・You may temporarily be unable to use the virtual store due to system maintenance, etc.

Virtual Store


・You do not need to pay to use the virtual store. You can enjoy it for free.
※The goods on the related EC cost money to purchase them.

How to Use the Virtual Store

You can use the virtual store through your web browser and enjoy it on your smartphone or PC.

Recommended Environment
Smartphones: iOS 13.0 or later (Safari), Android 9 or later (Chrome)
PCs: Windows 10 or later (Chrome, Firefox), Mac OS 10.15 or later (Safari, Chrome)
※The browsers are all the latest versions.
User Guide
① You can enter the virtual store from the Details page of each exhibit.
 Please check beforehand that you are able to use the store on your device.

② Flick on your smartphone or scroll with your mouse to move the virtual shelf.

③ When you click/tap on the screen, a video will start to play. If you press the Purchase button, you will be directed to an affiliate site.

Recommended Environment

Inquiries Regarding Bugs
Please contact us using the inquiry form on Tokyo Anime Center’s website.
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※Please note that Tokyo Anime Center is not responsible for any trouble or damage caused to your smartphone through the use of this service.

Virtual Store
Terms of Use

※The unauthorized reproduction or use of the content, text, images, etc. on this website is strictly prohibited.


How to Use the EC Site

User Guide
Create an account on each EC site in order to purchase goods.
Please check the Terms of Use on each EC site for more information regarding user registration and orders.