Regarding the Virtual Venue

You can experience virtual exhibitions and events at Tokyo Anime Center’s virtual venue.

Terms of Use
for the Virtual Venue

・Please note that exhibition content may change without warning.
・Please confirm the exhibition warnings before viewing them.
・The special exhibitions held at the Shibuya venue are different from the special exhibitions at the virtual venue. Please note that the content may differ between the venues.
・The virtual venue may be temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance, etc.



・Cluster Coins are required to purchase tickets for virtual exhibitions held on Cluster.
・Please note that ticket prices vary depending on the exhibition.
※Cluster is a service provided by Cluster, Inc. If you have any questions regarding tickets or the purchase of Cluster Coins, please contact them through Cluster, Inc.’s Inquiry Form below.

How to Use Cluster

A smartphone or PC app must be downloaded in order to use Cluster.
Please download the app on your smartphone or PC in order to enjoy it.

Recommended Environment
We recommend an iOS of iPhone X or later, and Google Pixel 3 or later for Android.
Please check the Cluster official website below for PC and other environment suggestions.
User Guide
① Download the App
 Cluster can be enjoyed on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android environments.
 Please check that it can be used on your device before attempting to use it.

② Register for an Account
 An account is needed to enjoy Cluster.

③ Enter the Tokyo Anime Center Exhibition Event Room
 Please check the Cluster official website for the procedure to actually enter the virtual event.
 ※You must purchase a ticket to enter.
How to Use
Please check “How to Use” and “Tutorial World” on the official Cluster website.
Please refer to the Q&A on the official Cluster website.
Inquiries Regarding Bugs/the App
Please inquire using the form on Cluster’s official website.
Cluster, Inc. © All Rights Reserved.
※Virtual SNS Cluster is a service provided by Cluster, Inc.
※Please note that the sponsors/venue will not be held responsible for any problems or damage caused to your smartphone by the use of the app.

Terms of Use for the Virtual Venue

Please comply with the caution points listed below in order to safely enjoy the virtual content.
Please also check the points of caution listed by each service provider.

Terms of Use:https://cluster.mu/terms
Privacy Policy:https://cluster.mu/privacy

  1. ※Behavior that bothers other users is prohibited.
  2. ※Please follow the points of caution, venue signs, and instructions listed in the virtual venue.
  3. ※Immediately stop use if you start to feel sick while playing.
  4. ※Users under the age of 13 must receive parent/guardian permission to play and play under their parent/guardian’s responsibility.
  5. ※The following people should not use VR goggles or other VR equipment:
    ・Those who are pregnant, have weak hearts, have a major illness, have a pacemaker or use any kind of medical equipment, and anyone who has a broken bone regardless of where it is
    ・Those who easily get motion sickness
    ・Those who are tipsy or drunk
    ・Those who are not in good physical condition
    ・Those who have physical conditions that may worsen with the use of VR