About the Shibuya Venue

The Shibuya Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA is a place
where you can experience exhibits for anime, manga, games, and other subjects.

Open Hours / Closed Days

Open Hours: 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM (Last entry to the exhibits is 8 PM)
※Open all year round (Except New Years holidays, facility inspection days, and exhibition change days)


・A ticket is needed to view the exhibitions.
・Tickets are sold for time slots and only a limited number of people are allowed in during each time slot. Please check the availability for the time slot you would like on the ticket website before making your purchase and visiting the facility.
・Tickets may be purchased at the Shibuya facility if a time slot has not yet reached the limit of guests allowed in. Please check the availability for each time slot on the ticket website.
・Please note that the price of the tickets may vary for each exhibit.
・We cannot refund or reissue tickets or change the entry date, entry time, or period of validity.
・If the venue closes or the business hours are changed due to unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters, epidemics, or accidents, tickets will become invalid and will be refunded. We cannot issue tickets for alternative dates. Please note that we cannot guarantee any expenses incurred in order to visit the facility, such as transportation or hotel costs.
※Entry into DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA is free of charge.

Access/Parking Lots

Shibuya MODI 2F
1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
A 3-minute walk from the Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station. You can use the parking lot for Shibuya Marui or Shibuya MODI.
※There is no parking space for bicycles. ※The parking lot costs money. There are no discounts.
For more details, please check the Access Information on Shibuya MODI’s website.

Requests for those visiting the Shibuya facility:

・Exhibition content may change without warning.
・Please confirm the exhibition warnings before visiting.
・When you enter the facility, we may ask to check your bags.
・Please comply with the rules regarding admission to and use of the facility listed on the website and at the facility.

Regarding safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

【This facility’s safety and security efforts】
・Staff members wear masks at all times.
・Staff members wash and disinfect their hands and gargle.
・Social distance is observed.
・Considerations are made for employee health and safety.
・The facility is frequently cleaned using disinfectant.

【Requests for Visitors】
・If any of the following applies to you, please do not visit the facility.
*You have a fever over 37.5°C (99.5°F), a cough, or symptoms of a cold such as sneezing or a runny nose.
*You do not feel well.
*You have gone to the doctor or taken medicine for a fever or cold symptoms in the past 2 weeks.
*You have traveled to an area or country where the infection is spreading in the past 2 weeks.

・Please wear your mask at all times while you are in the venue. Please note that we may refuse to allow entry to those not wearing a mask. (Face shields are not allowed.)
・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol when entering the venue.
・Body temperature is measured by non-contact equipment when you enter. Those who have a fever of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or higher or those who seem to be fatigued or are having trouble breathing will be asked not to enter.
・Please wash your hands diligently.
・Please refrain from talking as much as possible in the venue to prevent the spread of airborne droplets.
・Please keep a sufficient distance from other visitors. Also, admission may be restricted to maintain proper distancing between visitors.
・Please only visit and shop within small groups.
・We recommend cashless payment methods such as credit cards and electronic payments.
・If you start to feel sick while in the venue, please contact the nearest staff member.
・If an outbreak is confirmed in the building, we will send out an alert through this website.

Currently, due to measures being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, business hours, content changes/cancelations, and temporary closures may occur even after the business reopens. Details will be announced though Tokyo Anime Center’s official website, as well as their official Twitter page.

Floor Guide

How to Use the
XR Character Guide

The HoloModels™ app is needed to use the XR Character Guide.
Please download the app on your smartphone to enjoy it.
※You may not be able to use it on some smartphones.

Recommended Environment
An iOS or Android compatible with ARKit/ARCore is needed.
User Guide
① Please check the official HoloModels™ site below to see if your smartphone is compatible with the app.

② Download the App
 Always check to make sure the app is working before purchasing content.

③ Create an Account on the HoloModels™ Website
 Please check the Terms of Use before using the app. You can find them at the link below.

Please check the Q&A on the HoloModels™ official website.
For Inquiries Regarding Defects/The App
Please use the Inquiry Form on the HoloModels™ official website.
Managed by:

※HoloModels™ is a service provided by Gugenka.
※Please note that the sponsors/venue will not be held responsible for any problems or damage caused to your smartphone by the use of the app.
※Please note that data is needed to use the HoloModels™ and XR Character Guides. The user is responsible for any data transmission/communication costs, not the sponsor/venue.

Terms of Use for Visiting the Venue

【Regarding the Exhibits】
  1. ※You may not touch the exhibits.
  2. ※Please check the signs in the venue to see if photography (pictures only) is allowed.
  3. ※The recording of sound or videography and the use of monopods, tripods, or selfie sticks is prohibited in all areas.
  4. ※If we discover that you have recorded sound or video, you will be forced to delete the recordings and asked to leave the premises. Even for personal use, recordings and videos taken at the exhibition violate copyright acts.
  5. ※If the exhibit becomes crowded, we may designate an entry limit or prohibit going backward through the exhibition for safety reasons.
  6. ※Please understand that you cannot reenter the exhibition if you leave.
  7. ※Children elementary-school-aged or younger must attend the exhibit with a parent or guardian.
  8. ※Camping out all night for the exhibition and meeting up in groups earlier than your entry time causes trouble for the event location and its neighbors, so please do not do these things.
  9. ※Laying out sheets or placing luggage to claim a spot on the day before or day of the exhibition is prohibited. If we find sheets or luggage, they will be promptly removed. Also, the exhibition’s sponsors and its location are not responsible for items that may have been removed or left out.
  10. ※Meeting up and cutting in line are prohibited.
  11. ※If you will be attending the exhibition in a wheelchair, please let a staff member know.
  12. ※You may bring children to the exhibit, but please note that we may ask you to leave your stroller with us if the exhibitions are crowded.
  13. ※In order to protect the exhibits and ensure operational safety, visitors are not allowed to bring suitcases, carry cases (including carts), or other large luggage into the venue. Please use the coin lockers in the area or at the station.
  14. ※Behavior that may bother other visitors is not allowed.
  15. ※We may ask you to leave if you cannot follow the staff’s instructions. Under those circumstances, we cannot refund your ticket.
  16. ※When visiting or viewing the venue, please comply with the infectious disease countermeasures and rules, the precautions listed on the website and at the venue, signs and instructions in the hall, and the staff’s instructions and guidance. If you do not comply, you may be refused entry or you may be asked to leave.
  17. ※The sponsors and the venue are not responsible for any accidents that may occur from visitors not following the staff’s instructions.
  18. ※Behavior that inconveniences other visitors is strictly prohibited.
  19. ※Special exhibitions and each store may be canceled or closed suddenly in the event of natural disasters, epidemics, and other accidents.
  20. ※You may not eat or drink in the venue.
  21. ※In order to protect the exhibits and ensure operational safety, visitors are not allowed to bring suitcases, carry cases (including carts), or other large luggage into the venue. Please use the coin lockers in the area or at the station.
  22. ※Fire, dangerous goods, and other items judged to be dangerous by the sponsor are strictly prohibited.
  23. ※The sponsor and venue are not responsible for theft, forgotten items, or lost articles. Please manage your possessions carefully.
  24. ※The sponsor and venue are not responsible for any trouble that may occur between visitors, visitors and third parties inside or outside of the venue, or between people using the surrounding facilities and third parties.
【For Guests Who Want to Purchase Tickets with a Designated Date/Time】
  1. ※You may line up at the entrance 15 minutes before the admission time indicated on the ticket.
    Please follow the signs in the venue and the staff’s instructions when lining up.
  2. ※Please enter the venue within an hour and a half of the time listed on your ticket.
    (Example: If your admission is for 11:00 AM, please arrive by 12:30 PM.)