Linking everyone's favorite things,
The center of anime.

Animation has been fostered by its creators
and fans and has become one of many cultural representations of Japan.

Beyond distance and place, through animation, communities of people naturally develop.
There lies the power to connect people with each other.

Here is the place for people to experience
the latest Japanese animation anytime, anywhere.

Tokyo Anime Center showcases
real and virtual worlds in parallel,
connecting everyone's beloved works
by expanding your experiences.


We are here for you to provide all things anime.
You can experience the world of various animes at exhibitions, shops and events.
You can enjoy real engagement with anime anywhere, anytime.


Real and virtual.
The expansion of the place through the crossover of the two will bring out further appeal and create various opportunities for new experiences.
From a complex of animation facilities to a complex of spaces.
We will continue to expand the possibilities of anime as an open culture.


We are the hub that connects anime and things.
We promote new encounters from a variety of perspectives, including works, creators, fans, publishers, and sponsors, and deepen the way people interact with anime.
Through these chains of connections of empathy and the exchange of ideas, we deliver even more enjoyment.